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Super Dog Flavored Chew Bone Knotted Rope Dog Toy

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  • Helps To Prevents Tartar, Plaque Build Up & Cleans Teeth and Exercise Jaw.
  • Fun and Exercise For All Age of Dog.
  • Perfect Bright and Colorful Bone With Single Knot Rope.
  • Made of High Quality & Non-Toxic Rubber Material.

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Flavored dog toys provide long-lasting fun. Due to the solid rubber, they are unbeatable and durable. It massages and cleans the teeth and gums while playing. This dog toy has extra thick natural rubber walls give extra durability. Also, it is suitable for all breed of dogs. Pet Clun India is committed to providing consistently reliable products and an exemplary level of customer service. Our toys range is curated with the goal to ensure that your pet leads a healthier, happier and longer life.

Every dog loves to play with his human parent and have fun together. Our interactive rubber toys not only help fight anxiety/boredom when the owner isn't around but also provides comfort when they feel nervous. It also helps in enhancing their mental health and playfulness, while also improving their natural instinct to behave well. These toys are quite useful for vigorous exercise and exuberant play.

It helps to drain down the excess energy, which may lead to the destruction of shoes, other household items, and furniture. Our toys are a great tool for the aggressive chewers. It helps the dog to deter bad chewing behavior. What is more, this rubber dog toy can be used in a variety of ways including training, fetching, tug war and generally having fun with your best buddy! Our interactive rubber toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The toys are handmade by twining high quality cotton & polyester threads; this rope is further knotted together for added strength, protection & durability. Thick and tight knots can satisfy the natural urge to chew. It also massages the gums and helps clean teeth to control plaque and tartar. These toys are environment-friendly, 100 % safe, natural & durable, bite resistant & will not lose color.


  • The Perfect Bright and Colorful durable dog toy
  • Flexible and Scented
  • Cleans Teeth
  • Exercise Jaw
  • Durable Chew Toy
  • Fun and Exercise for all age Dog