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Super Bite Cod Fish & Chicken Dog Treat 70 g

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  • Ideal Chew Treat For All Age & All Breed of Dogs, Also Useful For Use as Training Reward.
  • All-Around Teeth Cleaning & Unique Refreshing Ingredients.
  • Chew Make a Strong Teeth and Gums Ensure Good Overall Health of The Dog.
  • Chewing Bones, Dry Treats, Rolls or Twists Helps TO Keep Plaque Away & Reduces The Acidity In The Dog's Mouth That Can Cause Gingivitis.

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Dogs are love to chew when they are puppy or adult. Especially when they are puppies, the teeth's start growing making them feel addictive to bite anything which they find chew-able. This is very advisable to give your lovable dog chew treat to make sure that they don't chew your valuables like shoes, pillows, etc. which definitely is not a healthy sign. That is why Goofy Tails has brought this Super Bite Cod Fish & Chicken Dog Treat.

Super Bite Dental Care Bone Dog Treat is a fine natural meat snack for dogs. Healthy and Digestible reward. no artificial coloring, no chemicals. Quality ensured by the HACCP standards.