Pet Lovers T/F Lemon Grass Dog Shampoo

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  • Extra Mosturizers, Aroma Therepy, Lemon Grass
  • Massage the Senses, Extra Conditioner & Balanced PH
  • Pet Lover’s Tick and Flea Dog Shampoo is the tearless shampoo is great for dogs with delicate skins.
  • The extra gentle composition of this shampoo can made it suitable for frequent use.
  • Anti-dandruff and antiseptic properties treat and prevent dandruff and other skin infections.

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                          Pet lovers T/F Shampoo For Dogs with lemongrass and extra moisturizers is perfect for your dog. Aroma therapy will help massage the senses and the extra conditioner will keep your dog’s skin and coat soft and shiny. Balanced pH will ensure mild cleaning and no harsh chemicals damaging the dog’s coat. The shampoo comes with no tears formula and your pet won't hate head and face wash anymore. The dog will smell good, while its hygiene is maintained. The body odor gets neutralized and extra moisturizers ensure a soft coat. It is ideal for your puppy since it doesn't irritate eyes. So shop with confidence! We spice up Indian homes with our home improvement products every 45 seconds making us India’s leading Furniture and Home Décor destination.

                          — Apply to dog's carefully Avoid contact with eyes and mouth of your pet. Rub well into the skin, massage gently