Pet Lovers Mild Fruity Dog Shampoo

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  • Extra moisturizers, aroma therapy, massage the senses with extra conditioner & Balanced PH
  • Uses non-irritating surfactant made from olive oil
  • Especially for soft cleansing and skin protection for animals with sensitive skin
  • Take Care of your pet with sensitive skin using Mild Shampoo

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                            Mild Fruity Shampoo makes hair coat shining and silky. Conditioner Prevents hair fall and increases the luster of the hair coat. Antiseptic and Anti-Dandruff qualities provide a clean, healthy appearance to pets. That is our goal- for every dog to be bathed with a great product that is not only wonderful for the dog hair or fur but also has a practical benefits and is good for the environment This all-natural, gentle shampoo is made of mild cleansing agents that don't dry skin These bath products combine the rejuvenating experience of practical benefit of aloe vera as a base in the shampoo This shampoo was very good in terms of fragrance and lather. It was very easy to wash off as well. Some dogs have different requirements than others. Which is why you need to invest in unique grooming products.

                            DIRECTIONS — Apply to dog's carefully Avoid contact with eyes and mouth of your pet. Rub well into the skin, massage gently