Pet Head Furtastic Blueberry Muffin Cream Rinse for Dog 475 ml

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  • Eco-friendly formula is pH balanced for dogs 
  • Made in the USA and free of parabens, sulphate, and DEA.
  • Oat protein leaves the coat looking fuller and healthier.
  • Suitable for all dogs and formulated for long/thick coats 

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              Creme Rinse For Curly & Long Coat. This deep conditioning crme rinse delivers a tangle-free, soft, silky coat. Oat protein nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft, leaving the coat fuller and healthier. Calendula extract helps restore softness and vitality to the coat while soothing the skin.

              Why Pet Head?
              Pet Head is a premium range of luxury shampoos, conditioners and sprays for dogs and cats.

              Pet Head is manufactured in the USA to the human quality formulas, but is pH balanced for dogs and cats. All Pet Head formulas are free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphate and DEA, so the Pet Head products will not harm your pet if licked or swallowed.

              PCI Tip- This also helps to control shedding.Brush your pet regularly to remove loose and shed hair from the coat.