Pawise Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy 6.3 cm

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  • Balls made especially for little dogs.
  • Non-toxic - no chemicals added for bounce like regular tennis balls.
  • Natural rubber walls give extra durability and bounce.
  • Good for Interactive or Solo Play - Play Fetch .
  • Packet contains- Pack of 3

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        Product Description

        It is the perfect interactive toy for both pet owners and their pets. The Pet Needs Ball Puppy Toy comes in a pack of 3.Let your pet feel the joy of movement with you.

        Your pet loves you for all the awesome gifts you get for her. But nothing comes close to a Ball. And if that ball has interesting patterns, biting hard, it's nothing short of heaven on earth!

        Key Features

        • Tough to pierce, the Ball is long-lasting
        • Hours of entertainment and exercise for the dog
        • Fun and challenging, your pet won't get bored of it
        • High-grade rubber