Pawise Chasing & Scratching Cat Toy 10 x 10 inch

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  • INTERACTIVE CAT TOY - great design and kitten toys, made from non-toxic hard plastic, rounded edges for safety, and the mouse is attached firmly to the rotator. A truly unique cat toy
  • HEALTHY- encourages healthy active movement and Interactive activity to enhance our cats overall health and well being, by encouraging exercise of the mind and body
  • ROTATES- rotates based on you kitty's touch, and continues to spin 360 degrees in both directions, without the use of batteries. A must have kitty toy gift or adult cat toy
  • TWO IN ONE- top felt pad can be used as a scratch pad, to encourage healthy cat scratching habits, and clean claws thereby helping to keep cats from scratching furniture

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      A Great Cat Toy This catch the mouse toy provides a multi-faceted toy to keep cats enthralled with a single sturdy play station. Ideal for households for all breeds of cats, this toy provides a running mouse and a scratching pad. this toy makes the perfect stationery toy to keep a cat's attention rapt.

      Catching the mouse toy helps stimulate natural hunting instincts and keep any cat engaged in active play. The toy is also great for interactive play, for those pet parents that want to facilitate play by catching the mouse around the toy to their cat.

      Whether your household has one cat or many, this toy provides the perfect outlet to keep them entertained and happy, so just buy it your cat will love it Enjoy the Time with Your Cat With the progress of life, cat's life is no longer so tedious, colorful leisure time is what they deserve. The cat has always been a lazy animal, they need love and care, the host of love care can let the cat short lifetime has the warmest memories, This new cat toy is the best gift for your pet.

      • Durable and sturdy, perfect long-lasting toy for your cat.
      • Beautiful cat outline shape channels your kitty’s inner tiger who loves to scratch
      • All Catch & Scratch toys are designed to satisfy your cats hunting instincts and to keep its on paws.
      • must-have cat scratcher to train your furry friend away from sofa, carpet and any other furniture