M-Pet Cleaning Wipes for Dogs (80 pcs)

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  • Deodorizing Factor
  • Deeply Nourish the Coat
  • Hypoallergenic Protective Layer
  • Remove Tear Stains, Ear Wax, Food Stains,Feces and Urine Stains.

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      Pet Wipes For Dogs offer a superb way to get rid of dirt and odor from your pet’s body. The goodness of aloe vera and vitamin E promotes the health and wellness of skin and shiny coat. M-Pets has been approved by veterinarians and can be safely used over dogs, and their offspring. The wipes multitask as a cleanser, deodorizer, and conditioner. It won’t remove spot flea treatments the pet may be undergoing. Without the use of alcohol or toxic, saving the pet and environment from harmful chemicals. Pet Wipes For Dogs present to your convenience and swiftness in sanitizing your pet. Be it the dirty paws of the pet as it enters the home after a stroll outside, or complete head to toe cleansing, the vet approved wipes would effectively serve any purpose. It is a safe and hygiene enhancing pet grooming product every pet parent should have.

      • Removal of tears Clear ugly Dog eye tears and dirt, restore the original color of hair around the eyes, Dog eyes make more sparkle. When cleaning wipes on the top of the index finger, gently wipe outward from the eye angles.
      • Ear Cleaning Cleaning cat ear and ear canal secretions and dirt, prevent ear mites. When cleaning cat is holding chin on the top of the index finger wipes to wipe slowly.
      • Nose and mouth clean – Clean dirt and Dog muzzle the mouth, beard food stains on the stains.
      • Foot Cleaning – Foot pads for cleaning, decontamination, soften skin, restore foot pink color.
      • Clean hair – For clean body hair, gently wipe along the direction of the hair to remove dirt and greasy fur