Kong Snugga Wubba Squeaky Dog Toy

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  • Soft fleece for cuddling
  • Safe and durable, will last long
  • Longtails and bouncy rubber balls inside for toss and fetch play
  • Contains no squeaker for quiet, gentle indoor play
  • Removable plush toy for independent play
  • Color May Vary

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              KONG's Snugga Wubba is a fun, playful, interactive toss toy. Soft, thick fleece covers two rubber balls (or one, in the case of the small Wubba). The long tails make it easy to pick up and throw. Puppies find this toy to be very comforting to snuggle.

              • Satisfies their instinct to chase
              • Long tails for thrashing fun
              • Ideal tug and toss toy
              • Great for indoor & outdoor play sessions
              • Ideal for dogs that seek chewing enrichment
              • Suitable for all breed