Kong Scratch Apple Catnip Cat Toy

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  • Scratch and roll action
  • Twist-off top; easy fill
  • Refillable catnip core
  • Includes vial of KONG Premium North American Catnip
  • Suitable for cats and kittens

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    The Kong Scratch Apple Cat toy will keep your cat busy for long hours and will satisfy the two basic instincts of cat, to chase a prey and to scratch. The cat toy looks like an apple with a bright red top also. It is surrounded by a scratching rope that will help to satisfy the need of scratching in your pet, the scratch apple toy will give your toy the much needed exercise. It can be placed anywhere within the house and the scratching exterior will help you save your prized furniture as it plays on the basic instinct of scratching in your cat. The toy will roll when you cat is playing with it. This can be enjoyed by cats of all ages. The toy is made of durable quality and is very easy to maintain. Bring this Scratch toy home and watch your cat have fun. Features: Fun interactive toy for your cat, works on cats basic instinct to hunt and pounce, can be placed anywhere, easy to maintain.

    • Engaging and mentally stimulating
    • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage
    • Buy size appropriate toys for your dog
    • We always recommend supervised play
    • Let your cat play hide and seek with this innovative toy from Kong