Kong Interactive Tug Dog Toy

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  • Natural KONG Rubber stretches and recoils for long-lasting fun
  • Ideal for interactive games of tug
  • Comfortable grips make grabbing easy for you and your dog
  • Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.

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        KONG Tug Toy encourages interactive play sessions. The Tug Toy is made with natural KONG rubber, that springs back into shape during a game of tug. The comfortable grips make it easy to keep hold during on-going games of tug.

        • Two strong materials to create the perfect tug toy.
        • Legendary KONG rubber grips and Control-Flex center provide strength and flexibility.
        • Rings are sturdy and designed to withstand the most vigorous tug sessions.
        • Control-Flex technology prevents the toy from snapping back into one of the players' faces, promoting a safe, controlled version of a game that can sometimes get out of hand.
        • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.