Kong Cruncheez Flyer Dog Toy

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  • Durable fetch toy for long-lasting fun
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Enticing crunch and crackle sound rewards your dog
  • Great for interactive play sessions

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Crunches Flyers bring the freedom of flying and crunching games of fetch to life in this latest edition to the KONG Flyers line. A Frisbee that crunches and crackles during play not only satisfies natural chewing instincts but also adds to the durability of the product making the Crunches Flyers ready for ages of aerial acrobatics. Imported from the USA.

A durable, tough frisbee for dogs, the KONG Cruncheez Flyer crunches and crackles during play, not only satisfying the natural chewing instinct of dogs, but also adding the durability of the product making the KONG Cruncheez Flyer ready for tons of aerial acrobatics.

A long-lasting fun fetches toy, the KONG Cruncheez Flyer is perfect for independent or interactive play, great for the summer months and fetch and retrieve games.  Its interactive sound entices play, ensuring extended play sessions every time

  1. Crunches Flyers Bring the Freedom of Flying and Crunching Games of Fetch to Life in This Latest Edition to the Kong Flyers Line
  2. A Frisbee That Crunches and Crackles During Play Not Only Satisfies Natural Chewing Instincts But Also Adds to the Durability of the Product Making the Crunches Flyers Ready for Ages of Aerial Acrobatics.