KONG Bendeez Giraffe Squeaky Dog Toy

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  • Perfect for interactive games of tug
  • Made of strong fleece material to help floss teeth
  • Flexible and fun giraffe shaped toy for playtime.
  • Your pup can bend, twist or shake it for squeaky fun when playing on their own.
  • Great for games of tug for special bonding time with your pup.

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Kong Braidz Giraffe identically comes in the cuddly form. In fact, this giraffe medium dog toy especially comes with the squeaker in the body. To give full excitement for your dog. It is also considered as great for toss and fetches games or shaking around for fun. In general, the KONG Braidz dog toy is uniquely manufactured using the strong material which is certainly braided for strength. This dog toy creates the cutest tug toy on the market. The stretchy and tough weave of this toy helps to clean teeth during play, and squeaker adds to the excitement. Your dog will love playing with this giraffe toys.

The KONG Bendeez Giraffe Dog Toy is a flexible and fun toy for playtime. There are many ways for your pup to play with this cute and durable toy. He can bend, twist or shake it for squeaky fun when he’s playing on his own, or he can tug it from your hands for a session of interactive play. KONG Bendeez toys are made of fleece so they’re soft when dogs bite down, but strong enough to help clean and polish teeth as your dog continues to play.

  1. Ideal Kong Toy For Interactive or Solo Play For Puppies & Small Breed of Dogs.
  2. The Kong Bender Soft, But Strong Material is Tightly Braided For Strength, Creating The Cutest Tug Toy On The Market.
  3. Bend, Twist or Shake For Squeaky Fun & Strong Fleece Cleans & Polishes Teeth.
  4. The Stretchy & Tough Weave Helps Floss and Clean Teeth During Play, and a Squeaker Adds To The Excitement.