Kong Bat-A-Bout Flicker Firefly Catnip Cat Toy

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  • Flashing motion-activated LED ball that attracts your cat’s attention
  • Fluttering feathers & glitter for extended playtime
  • Great for independent play
  • Spins, whirls, and flips for a variety of unpredictable movements
  • Perfect nighttime cat toy to keep your nocturnal feline entertained while you rest

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          KONG Bat-A-Bout toys provide mental stimulation and fulfil cats' instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture. The KONG Bat-a-Bout Flicker entices kitty's playful nature as a flashing LED ball comes to illuminated-life with batting and pouncing play ideal for day or night escapades. Reflective felt firefly wings encourage natural hunting skills and KONG North American Premium Catnip adds to the excitement amplifying kitty adventures.

          • Product Type: Catnip
          • Watch your kitty tosses, flips, kicks and enjoys it’s GiGwi Catch & Scratch Toy.
          • All Catch & Scratch toys are designed to satisfy your cats hunting instincts and to keep its on paws.
          • Natural Feather