Jerhigh Grilled Chicken Gravy Wet Dog Food 120 g

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  • Calcium and vitamin D3 food for dogs
  • Help build strong bones and teeth
  • Along with gain muscle mass
  • Rich in proteins, Easily digestible
  • Meets the nutritional needs

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Jerhigh Grilled Chicken in Gravy Dog Meal with Vitamin D 120 g is a gravy food which has been created keeping in mind the nutritional needs of a dog. In particular, the meal is nutritionally complete and balanced, taking care of all the areas of your dog health. Also, there is real chicken providing high quality protein for the health and strength of the muscles. In fact, taurine works to keep the dog heart in top condition; additionally, it also works as an antioxidant. Along with Vitamin E it strengthens the immunity system of the dog. Rice has been added to assist the digestive system in the digestion of the meal. Calcium and phosphorus help to maintain strong teeth and bones. Proper ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps to maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.

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The special formulation would help build stronger muscles, bones and teeth, among other benefits. Moreover, the health of the eye sight and skin and coat are also enhanced through the various nutrients. Taurine is one of the most essential components of a dog health. It takes care of the heart, and in association with Vitamin E it improves the natural defense mechanism of the body. The complete and delicious meal would help your dog live a healthy, happy and extended life.