Isle of Dog CocoClean Natural Tearless Dog Shampoo Cotton + Fresh Orchid 250 ml

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  • Fragrance Cotton + Fresh Orchid, This Shampoo help alleviate itchy, dry skin
  • Available in different styles to fit your everyday needs
  • reduces protein loss and adds strength to hair
  • helps relieve dry, itchy and flaky irritated skin
  • Made with coconut oil, Enhances and moisturizes the skin and coat

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      Tearless Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that is made to keep your dog's coat and skin clean and fresh. It also can be used as a facial cleansing shampoo. Features our signature fragrance Cotton + Fresh Orchid

      MAINTAIN A SILKY COAT: helps reduce shedding & static & maintains a silky, healthy coat that stays cleaner longer. Blended with coconut oil to help improve overall skin & coat condition

      NEUTRALIZE ODOR: This Shampoo features our signature Cotton + Fresh Orchid fragrance, plus ExtenScent, a natural odor-neutralizing complex that extends freshness & keeps dogs smelling better, longer

      CLEAN PUPS: A clean, shiny & fresh coat is a good indicator of a healthy, well-loved pup & a necessity for extended cuddle time. Our shampoos, conditioners are perfectly balanced & help remove odor.