Goofy Tails Wooden Dumbbell Training Dog Chew Toy (Large)

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  • Cleans Teeth and Exercise Jaw.
  • Perfect toy for the workout
  • Turn your dog favorite game into a healthy benefit
  • This dumbbell dog toy ideal training tool
  • Wooden dumbbell is for use in training dogs to retrieve

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Goofy Tails Wooden Dumbbell Dog Toy (Large) is ideal for use in training dogs to recover. The dumbbell is a heavy toy that can withstand all sorts of tossing and is particularly durable. The best toy for your pet dog, solid wood, that can be tossed as is durable against thumps. They are the perfect workout.

Wooden dumbbell. This is a Real Wood Chew Toy. This is especially for Dogs and Teething Puppies