Goofy Tails Super Rubber Bone & LED Ball Combo for Dogs

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  • Ideal For all Dog Breeds.
  • LED Lights Glow Whenever Ball Hits The Surface.
  • Durable LED Ball For Night Time Play & Durable Translucent Construction.
  • These Toys are Made with High-Quality Material, which is Totally Safe for your Pet.

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Goofy Tails Super Rubber Bone & LED Ball Combo

Goofy Tails LED Ball Dog Toy LED lights glow whenever the ball hits the surface. This ball is a rubber dog toy with a varied and interesting raised texture. This is perfect toy for all size of dogs and dog breeds. It is great for a game of toss and fetch and it is Ideal for promoting exercise.

Goofy Tails Paw Print Rubber Bone is made of best quality rubber, this bone shaped dog toy has soft spikes on the surface which cleans and massaging gums of your Dog. This Goofy Tails rubber bone is flavored which makes this toy a favorite of your Pet.