Goofy Tails Spike Dental Garari Chew Bone Dog Toy

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  • Spike rubber bone dog toy is durable chew toy and special for exercise jaw
  • Ideal for medium and large breed dogs. Durable dog chew toy. Bite resistant and flexible
  • Perfect bright and colorful durable dog bone chew toy
  • It can help cleaning pets' tooth and massage pets' gums
  • The little nubbins on the bone help clean the teeth of plaque before it forms tartar
  • Color May Vary

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                The Bone is a special toy which can provide fun and healthy exercise for your dog, utilizing excess energy and stimulating your dogs natural instincts. It gives endless fun for hours to your dog, it is non-toxic, Safe and durable also easy to clean. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and is an important way for a dog to release energy.

                The right toy can channel your dog's energy in a positive manner. Dogs love to chew and though they may have started life with a good old gnaw on your best brogues, it's advisable to introduce tough toys when they grow for straight forward fun.