Goofy Tails Puppy Training Potty Pad with Bioline Training Spray for Dog

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  • 100% More Absorbant.uick-dry surface with built-in attractant;leak-proof plastic lining keeps floors safe from damage
  • Powerful Attractant and Order Control. Pad Size-L53 X W39
  • Natural Antibacterial Agent kills Germs and Mites.
  • Bioline Spray Helps To Train Your Puppy To Urinate In The Proper Area.
  • For Indoor Dogs, Simply Spray The Product on Newspaper or a Puppy Training Pad To Attract The Animal To The Spot.

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      Goofy Tails Pet Training Potty &Toilet Pads are Powerful Attractant and also for Odor Control. Natural Antibacterial Agent kills Germs and Mites. Adhesive Strip helps to fix the pad on the floor or any other place you like. Prevent Leaking & run off with Advanced Polymer Technology & 100% More Absorbent.

      Bioline Puppy Training Aid 50ml encourages pets to eliminate in specific areas. This puppy training aid is the best choice paws down. This specific product is 100% easy and effective. For indoor dogs, simply spray the product on a newspaper or a puppy training pad to attract the animal to the spot. This training aid is best for indoor and outdoor use. For Outdoors Use Spray On The Area of The Garden, You Wish Your Dog To Urinate, Allow Your Dog To Smell The Area, & Praise When It Uses The Area To Urinate.


      Key Features:

      • Made of multiple leak-proof layers
      • Quick absorbing material
      • Long-lasting, low-maintenance product
      • Free of toxins & chemicals
      • Can be used to line kennels and crates
      • Prevents staining on the floor
      • Absorbs pet urine
      • Leak-proof pads
      • Ideal for indoors
      • Effective training aid