Goofy Tails Pet Training Pad Poop Scooper Combo (25 pcs/M Scooper)

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  • Goofy Tails Super Pet Training Pad (25 Peices) & Scooper Combo
  • Prevent Leaking & Run off With Advanced Polymer Technology & 100% More Absorbent.
  • Natural Antibacterial Agent kills Germs and Mites & Powerful Attractant and Odour Control.
  • Perfectly Works on grass and cement & Converts a grocery bag into a "Poop Scooper".
  • Powerful spring action ensures the jaws stay closed until you're ready to empty it.

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    Goofy Tails Training Pad For Dogs 25 Pcs
    Goofy Tails Super Pet Training Pad Prevent leaking and run off with advanced polymer technology adhesive strip. Strip help to fix the pad on the floor or any other place you like. This holds pads in place to help prevent puppies from playing with training pad. Goofy Tails pet pads is used for dog urinary purpose. It will stick somewhere in the house and dog will use it for urinary purpose.

    Goofy Tails Potty Scooper For Small & Medium Breed
    This Pet Poop Scooper is a one handed grip and grab type of scooper which can be used from one hand only, to make cleanup quick and easy. Using pet waste scooper will ensure your picking up of pet's waste with little effort and this will not dirty your hands too. Please cover the mess with a tissue paper before using scooper. The size and design of the scooper is such that even young children can help clean up after pets. The color of this pet poop scooper can be red or green depending upon the color available in stock.

    Usage Guidelines:

    • Properly position the diaper with the hole towards your pet's tail.
    • Place diaper in between dog's back legs.
    • Adjust the velcro take to fit snugly even the dog's back.