Goofy Tails Orby Squeaky Ball Dog Toy-Medium 12 cm

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  • Easy to squeak
  • Great Toy for playing,chewing, tugging and Training
  • Durable, non-toxic material
  • Will be fantastic fun for you and your pet
  • Durable & hard squeaky dog toy and available in different colors.

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Product Description

Take your furry friend over the moon with this high-quality, bouncy, hard squeak ball with exciting patterns.

Your pet loves you for all the awesome gifts you get for her. But nothing comes close to a ball. And if that ball has interesting patterns, squeaks loudly on biting hard, and offers a challenging bounce - it's nothing short of heaven on earth!

Why Arco ball good for your dog?

Simply play fetch! Dogs love to run and fetch. This simple play keeps your dog's muscles stronger and their waistline in check. Make your dog jump and fetch. The super bounce of this hard ball would encourage your dog leap and jump. making her gleeful and spirited. Satify your dog's natural instinct of gnawing and chewing while effectively preventing them from damaging household furniture.

Key Features

  • High pitch squeaking sound
  • Tough to pierce, the ball is long lasting
  • Apt for large breeds such as Labradors and GSDs
  • Hours of entertainment and exercise for the dog
  • Fun and challenging, your pet won't get bored of it
  • High-grade rubber