Goofy Tails Large 3 Knot Knotted Cotton Rope Tug Dog Toy

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  • Made of 100 percent natural cotton, Multicolored, looks attractive
  • Durable and machine washable
  • Gently cleans teeth and gums
  • Extra knot helps to increased play duration

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Goofy Tails giant 3 knot knotted cotton loop tug dog toy clean your dog's teeth the fun, easy way with a goofy tails giant 3 knot knotted cotton loop tug dog toy . Regular chewing gently cleans teeth and massages gums, reducing plaque buildup and preventing gum disease. Machine washable, made from natural, biodegradable material. Fun to toss, chew and fetch.

White 3-Knot Rope Tug Dog Toy can be used for interactive play or as solo dog chews. These natural cotton tugs are a fun and easy way to floss your dog's gums and help prevent dental disease. Feature machine washable, tightly twisted cotton for long-lasting durability.

  • Great for interactive or solo play (chewing)
  • Soft cotton-blend twisted rope for durability
  • A fun way to floss your dogs gums
  • Helps to prevent dental disease