Goofy Tails Dog Grooming Kit - Dog Nail Clipper + Dog Slicker Brush + Dog Poop Scooper (Small)

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  • Nail Cutter: Best suited for medium to large breeds. For best results, cut dog's nails immediately after bathing
  • Slicker Brush: Quickly grooms cat, dogs, small animals and bears - wet or dry
  • Scooper: Lightweight design allows to use indoors or outdoors on walks, Eliminates the mess and odors with this cleaner tool & Keep your home hygienic and germ free, remove clumps immediately
  • Package Contents: 1 Dog Nail Cutter + 1 Dog Slicker Brush(Small) + 1 Dog Poop Scooper

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            Product Description

            Nail Cutter Goofy TAils Nail Cutter keeps your pets Nails short, reducing and problems incurred from long nails such as dirt build-up or splintered/fractured nails which can lead to problems. Spring nail scissors, easy to use.Fits for all kind of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits etc. Features: Easy Spring Operation Fits for all kind of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits etc.

            Slicker Brush The Soft Pins On This Brush Make Grooming Easier For Your Little Buddy.Ideal For Detangling And Removing Undercoat The Soft Pins Are Gentle On Delicate Skin. Dog & Cat Grooming Brush with self-cleaning push button. Handy pet brush comb, clean outer coat, remove shedding undercoat and dander Push button and retractable brush plate allows easy removal of shed hair Good for both dogs and cats, makes pets happy and healthier Works on any type of hair, short, long, curly, etc

            Poop Scooper Goofy Tails pet litter scooper is the perfect accessory for any pet litter pan. The litter scoop will clean up easily by hooking onto the litter and scooping it up. Come with a sturdy handle.