Goofy Tails Buddy Twist and Treat Dispenser Rubber Chew Bone Dog Toy

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  • Made of Natural & Non Toxic Flexible PVC Rubber.
  • Ideal Play Toy for All Age & All Breeds Of Dogs.
  • Helps To Prevents Tartar And Plaque Build-Up.
  • Fill Treat or Dry Food inside the Bone For More Fun.
  • Color May Vary

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    Designed to engage your dog’s five senses, Goofy Tails Buddy Twist and Treat Bone Dog Toy provide fun and innovative ways for your lovable pup to play. The Goofy Tails Buddy Twist and Treat Bone Dog Toy allows you to place your dog’s choice treats in the center for an interactive game that’s suitable for solo play. As your dogs nudges and chews at this toy, the treats can be freed as a tasty reward, resulting in hours of fun.

    Your dog needs to be mentally and physically stimulated if you want it to be active and happy. And this particular pet product does exactly that, This cool looking treat is a dispenser toy which is an excellent accessory for any medium or large breed dog. Designed in the shape of a satellite, it comes with tumbles, spins and tilts style to ensure that it attracts your little one. It is also great for those who want something bright for their furry friends. The product is an excellent option for dogs who tend to gulp their food fast.

    Length: 18 cm
    Width: 8 cm
    Height: 6cm