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Goodies Cut Bone Dog Energy Treat 500 gm

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  • A special delicious dog treat to share with your pet every day
  • Has a soft chewy texture that does not damage their teeth
  • Helps satisfy the dog’s natural instinct to chew
  • Ideal for dogs from Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd
  • Made with great tasting real meat, to incorporate into your adult pet’s diet

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    Goodies energy treat is made from vegetable protein which is perfect to dog allergic to meat. It is suitable for all breeds and ages of dog. With high quality ingredients, its texture can be flexible and fun to chew by your dog.

    Goodies energy treat is not only facilitates the oral cleaning process naturally but also added supplements such as chlorophyll, calcium, bromelain enzyme and fructo-oligosaccharide to ensure your dogs have good health life. Pet Club India provides reliable stock for all your pet's needs.

    Pet Club India really cares for loveable pet dogs, so they can deliver the different type of products at door steps without creating hassle and delivered in specific given time. It also covers all important dog toys & dog foods products as per the requirement with the help of expertise supply chain. Pet Club India is famous an online pet shop that provides all the quality dog products like dog foods and dog toys. They deliver all the useful products of highly reputed brands as per demand. They can have different dog products as per the age and breed of pet dogs.

    Ingredients :

    wheat gluten or rice macromolecule, F.O.S (Fructo-Oligo Saccharide), Fiber, Ca or ChlorophyII Natural Flavor, edible fat, Glycerine, Coloring.

    Analysis :

    Protein (Min) : 10 %
    Fat (Min) : 2%
    Fiber (Max) : 2%
    Moisture (Max) :14 %