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Gnawlers Pettide Bone Puppy Snack with Calcium 40g (Pack of 6)

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  • Promotes Appropriate Healthy Chewing.
  • This Dental Chew Helps To Clean Teeth & Soothe Gums.
  • Chew Make a Strong Teeth & Gums Ensure Good Overall Health of The Dog.
  • All Around Teeth Cleaning & Unique Refreshing Ingredients.

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    Gnawlers offers hound bones, bites, treats and tidbits to give both wellbeing and enjoyment to your pet puppy. Produced using excellent rawhide granules, the Gnawlers items are traded to more than 34 nations over the world. Every one of the items are made of regular fixings, without any synthetic compounds, included sugar, salt or fake colorings. The pooch treats have been enhanced with nutrients and minerals.

    Pet Club India really cares for loveable pet dogs, so they can deliver the different type of products at doorsteps without creating a hassle and delivered in a specific given time. It also covers all important dog toys & dog foods products as per the requirement with the help of expertise supply chain. Pet Club India is famous an online pet shop that provides all the quality dog products like dog foods and dog toys. They deliver all the useful products of highly reputed brands as per demand. They can have different dog products as per the age and breed of pet dogs.


    • To provide necessary nutrition for the dog.
    • To give better coat and skin for the dog.
    • These are supplement dogs diet 
    • This is use as a training reward or a treat.
    • The jar keeps the liver twisted dog energy sticks are fresh and crunchy.
    • To freshening dogs breathe.