Gnawlers Dentalight Dental Mini Bone 60 pcs Veg. Dog Treat (540 g)

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  • Freshens breathe with chlorophyll
  • Maintains a healthier intestinal tract with rich fiber
  • Helps clean teeth & Fights tartar build-up

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Gnawlers Dentalight Dental Bone dog treat helps in cleaning the tarter and plaque accumulated in the teeth and cleans and helps improve oral hygiene. Its uniquely refreshing formula is to keep dogs teeth strong and breathe fresher. This dental Bone dog treat help to gums remain hygienic and prevent the bad breath. The bone not only acts as a dental hygiene material but it satisfies the natural chewing urge of the dog. Dentalight Dental Mini Bone 60 pcs includes the nature plant extraction which effectively kills bacteria, massage gums and help to clean teeth and freshen breath.

Dental fresh veg chew bone is good for Healthy teeth and fresh breath. It is made from vegetables. Dental pure dog snacks are scientifically engineered, with no artificial flavors or colors using a combination of ingredients to create an edible and great tasting dog snack that freshens breath while cleaning teeth. The innovative shape and design of these healthy dog treats help reduce plaque and brown tartar spots.