Gnawlers Calcium V-Lucky Bone Puppy Treat, 30 Pcs-270g

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  • It is to increases stamina & facilitates the growth of blood cells.
  • This is good for the heart of the dog.
  • To keep the Teeth & bones stronger.
  • Calcium Contributes Towards the Health of Bones and Teeth of the Dog
  • Pressed bones for treat time, snacking or as the reward.
  • These bones are high on protein and low on fat.

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Gnawlers V lucky bone dog treats are high in protein that helps to increase stamina & growth of blood cells. These bone dog treats are also to improve the strength of bones and teeth. These are formulated to reduce Tartar Build-Up. These V lucky bone dog treats are best for the heart of the dog and help to reduce cholesterol.

  1. It helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles, improves digestive problems and cleans teeth
  2. The protein abundant milk bones, when chewed, assist in rubbing off the tartar and plaque formation from the teeth and gums of the dog facilitating the incoming of fresh breath

    Ingredients: Wheat powder, Hydrolyzed protein, Potatoes starch, Glycerin, Calcium Citrate, Yeast Nucleotides, Spirulina starch, Beta-Carotene, Taurine, Natural coloring, Prebiotics, Vitamins Mix, Compound minerals, Flax Seed Oil, Rosemary, Plant Essential oils.

    Analytical Constituents:

    • Crude Protein: 47.43 %
    • Moisture: 13 %
    • Crude Fiber: 0.49 %
    • Crude Ash: 1.52 %
    • Crude Fats And Oils: 7.62 %.
    • Sodium: 0.08 %
    • Calcium: 0.059 %
    • Phosphorus: 0.18 %
    • Energy: 1089 KJ