Gigwi Lets Fly Duck Squeaky TPR Dog Toy

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  • Frisbee style toy with built-in squeaker that activates when thrown.
  • Made from non-toxic thermoplastic rubber.
  • ough and durable to withstand repeated tossing, throwing, and biting
  • Helps to keep your dog entertained by appealing to their natural chasing and hunting behaviours.
  • Can be used to help encourage daily exercise and mental stimulation in your dog.

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    The Gigwi Lets Fly Duck Squeaker Orange Blue is a rubber frisbee dog toy that can be used to add extra excitement to games of fetch. It omits squeaking noises when thrown to attract your dog’s attention while in flight and entice your pet to chase and catch. The toy is durable enough to be carried in your canine’s mouth and to withstand repeated play outdoors to provide hours of stimulating fun and exercise.

    • Product Type: Chew & Squeaky toy for dog
    • Made with non-toxic material
    • Suitable For Dogs of All Breeds especially large dog
    • With squeaker
    • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Play
    • Intended for pets only, not a children toy.