Gigwi Jumball Soccer Ball Dog Toy

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  • Soccer ball with rubber handle toy for dogs
  • Durable rubber exterior
  • Brightly coloured
  • Toy for pets only
  • We always recommend supervised play
  • Size-30 cm  Colar May Vary

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            With an extremely durable rubber exterior, this ball was built for some really rough play. The handle makes it easy to pick up for you and doggy too, and it also makes it easy to throw. Designed with bright colours, you won’t have a problem finding this ball anywhere! The perfect toy to stimulate playful behaviour and encourage your dog to run about, a ball is the best gift you can give any dog.

            • Vibrant and high visibility colours combinations make this easy to track in open spaces
            • Handle design also allows your dog to easily pick up and bring right back to you
            • You can pick any sport you prefer: Jumball is available in soccer,basketball and tennis shapes, with rubber skin or original tennis fabric and different style handles.
            • Its durable rubber exterior allows it to withstand rough play