Gigwi Johney Stick Extra Durable Solid Rubber Dog Toy

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  • Made out of Solid rubber
  • Designed for heavy chewers
  • High strength material
  • Durable and Puncture resistant
  • Color May Vary

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        JOHNNY STICK in solid rubber is one of the toughest toys in the series, which is designed especially for the most active and aggressively playing dogs that like to chew and bite. It’s extremely durable and puncture-resistant can withstand the strength of strong jaws and will not pop or deflate. Made to last, fun to play!

        • The different texture of the dumbbell reduces the onset of periodontal problems such as tartar and plaque
        • Made out of Solid rubber
        • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Play
        • Special rubber compound (Foam, Thermoplastic Rubber)
        • Features a Ridged Surface Acting as a Great Way to Clean Teeth and Massage/Sooth Gums