Gigwi Crazy Ball Squeaky Medium Dog Toy

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  • Crazy ball for dogs with hidden squeaker
  • The unique combination of rubber core squeaker ball and fresh and funny plush felt covering the toy.
  • They perfectly suit indoor and outdoor game needs.
  • These toys are easy to wash and perfectly suit for outdoor fun
  • Bounces & Squeaks

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      Gigwi Foam Rubber And Squeaker Crazy Ball 'Plush Friendz' is made with a rubber core squeaker and plush, felt covering, this toy is suitable for outdoor fun! Get your pet running with a game of fetch or have him puzzle over the hidden squeak! This long-lasting ball is great for either scenario! Your dog is bound to love the different textures of this cute plush toy. The plush toys retain all the scents of your dog which is why they are attached to it and keep coming back for more. They are soft and cuddly, your dog will love having this to chew on, cuddle with or to just mess about with.

      • Durable toy
      • We always recommend supervised pet parental supervision
      • Ridged surface to help clean teeth and massage/soothe gums
      • Perfect for playing fetch