Choostix Petasure Lactopure Milk, Vitamins and Minerals Puppy and Kitten Food 400 gm

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  • Made Under Strict Quality Controlled Environment & Hygienic Conditions.
  • Starter Infant Formula, Weaning Nutrition For Puppies & Kittens.
  • Specially Made For Fulfill Initial Nutritional Requirements & Growth of Your Pets.
  • Choostix Products Are Carefully Developed to Promote Fitness, Elegance & Good Health of Your Dog.
  • Choostix is made from a high-quality product.

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                  PETASURE LACTOPURE fulfils the first food requirement of your Pup’s & Kittens. It is formulated for their initial requirement of liquid diet and it is to be given at the time when the mother’s milk is insufficient or unavailable.

                  CHOOSTIX Pet-A-Sure uses state of the art Spray Drying technology while producing LACTOPURE™. The Complex Carbohydrates in LACTOPURE™ are converted into smaller components, which make LACTOPURE™ easy to swallow and digest, as traditional food may be difficult and unsafe to eat by the Pup or the Kitty.

                  LACTOPURE facilitates better digestion of all nutrients and makes this product go easy on your pet’s stomach.

                  LACTOPURE contains Milk, Whey Protein, Maltodextrin and, other vital Nutrients essential for Pups & Kittens growth. Whey is a easily digestible source of Milk Proteins, which helps in building Lean Muscle Mass and the overall development making your pet healthy and playful. Maltodextrin is a quickly digestible carbohydrate that supplies the body with energy to engage in protein synthesis.

                  LACTOPURE is also recommended during the Convalesce period of all pets as it expedites the recovery of overall health and helps in better digestion.

                  LACTOPURE is enriched with 12 Minerals, 14 Vitamins and Amino Acids which help in making a strong foundation and healthier growth of your Pup’s, Kittens and other Pets.


                  Partially Skimmed Milk, Milk Fat,  Palm Oil, Corn Oil, Minerals, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins, and Natural Vanillin, Egg Fructo Oli, Gosachharides, inulin, Milk Solid,