Bioline Perfume for Dogs & Cats in 5 Natural Fragrances, 9 ml (Pack-5)

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  • Odour neutralising spray
  • Combats odour and conditions the coat
  • Avoid spraying near the eyes and face.
  • Spray this directly on to your pet’s coat to have your pet smelling lovely.
  • German technology natural extract dog perfume spray

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    This product can effectively remove the bad odour in pets comes mostly from the pet itself. This product reduces the bad odour from organic matter. 1. Environmentally safe. 2. No side effects or irritation to the pet How yo use: Spray directly to the pets coat, pet toys, pets living room.

    Avoid contact with eyes, use clean water frequently when contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Close the dust cover after use

    Available Fragrance:

    1. Golden Memory

    2, Pink Love

    3. Green Mood

    4. Baby Powder

    5 .Lavender