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Beaphar Lactol Milk Supplement for Puppies 250 g

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  • Used for feeding the puppies & kittens.
  • substitute milk replacement product for new born puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs (Female) sick or convalescing adult animals.
  • It is made from easily digested whey products and closely resembles natural female dog's milk.
  • Prepare the milk as indicated on the packaging and feed with a nursing bottle.
  • With all essential vitamins and minerals

COD Availability

A complete milk replacement supplement for puppies. The superior milk formulation also acts in a complementary source of nutrition for weaning puppies, pregnant and lactating female dogs, as well as the sick or recovering (recuperating) dogs. Made from easily digested Whey protein, lactol closely resembles natural female dog's milk. The finest quality ingredients go through ultra filtration which concentrates on the proteins for the slow drying process. Helps in preserving protein molecules during production. The perfectly balanced & possesses a superior amino acid content for giving to a puppy the best chances of healthy survival & growth. The milk powder is easily accepted by the baby because of its excellent taste.


  • Milk and milk derivatives,
  • Oils and fats,
  • Minerals.


  • Small/medium breeds: until 300 ml/day.
  • Medium/large breeds: until 450 ml/day.
  • Giant breeds: until 600 ml/day.
  • Miniature dogs: until 150 ml/day.

How To Use:

  • Add the supplement to warm (not boiling) water & mix until completely dissolved.
  • Allow to cool to the blood temperature (38°C) and it is ready for use.
  • Older pets may prefer to drink their Lactol cold.
  • Use of the clean sterile feeding equipment is highly recommended, especially for young animals.
  • The feed which was prepared can be kept in a refrigerator for the maximum period of 24 hours. Reheat the stored feed to blood temperature before feeding young animals.
  • Always remember to keep fresh drinking water available.
  • Recommended dilution: Add 30g (12 level scoops) to every 105ml warm water (165g should be added to a pint of water). One level of the scoop is nearly 2.5g Lactol powder.