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Basil Garden Fresh Perfume, 130 ml

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  • Take Care of your pet with sensitive skin using perfume.
  • Uses non-irritating surfactant made from olive oil.
  • Especially for soft cleansing and skin protection for animals with sensitive skin.
  • Heat-active ingredient

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                  Basil Dog Perfume Garden Fresh freshens the dog skin from natural quality of aloe. This basil dog perfume uses non irritating washing ingredient made from olive oil and coconut oil allowing for effective washing of soft and sensitive skin.

                  The particular deo dog perfume helps maintain shin and resilient hair with rich moisturizing function, and establishment of a cuticle coating for soft and sensitive skin. The heat active ingredient help maintain shiny and resilient hair after drying. This dog perfume is a must have for long haired pets that need delicate care.

                  This dog perfume adds lubrication and moisturizes from skin to coat. It helps in gently untangling the hair, and also prevents hair damage. Special additives such as plant extracts and heat- active ingredients will leave your pets coat rich, luxurious and smooth.