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Basil Dog Mouth Freshening Spray, Cinnamon, 130 ml

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  • Remarkable Solution To Maintain The Oral Hygiene of Your Pet.
  • Teeth & Gums Will Look and Feel Fresh, Clean and Healthy.
  • Ingredients Used in This are Well Researched & Vet Approved.
  • Similar Cleaning Power of Good Toothpaste Without The Need To Fight With Your Pet To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene.

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              Basil Mouth Freshening Spray provides the best freshning solution for your dogs. Dogs cant brush their teeth regularly. Even if you do, certain kind of foods get stuck and release a pungent smell. Basil Mouth Freshening Spray (Cinnamon) freshens your dogs breath. You can directly spray this in your dogs mouth as its absolutely safe to use for dogs. It contains cinnamon and also has anti bacterial formula.It also helps to improve the digestion problem through plant based enzymes. This Basil Mouth Freshening Spray (Cinnamon) is alcohol-free and is made with all natural ingredients which helps to freshen breath, cleans teeth & gums, leaving your pet’s mouth healthy, smelling fresh and clean.

              • This mouth freshener improves digestion through plant based enzymes.
              • Basil Mouth Freshening Spray has peppermint for fresh breath.
              • You can directly spray it to dogs mouth.
              • It is safe for dogs.