Hello Pet Dog Double Side Hair Brush


With regular use Hello Pet Dog Double Side Hair Brush prevents knots and matting and detangles your pet’s hair. It may be used daily if needed. For short haired dogs that don’t get knots or mats you only need to use the de shedding brush. It’s great for jack russells, Fox Terriers, Labradors etc. You can also use it for longer haired dogs, especially double coated animals.


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Hello Pet Dog Double Side Hair Brush

Hello Pet Dog Double Side Hair Brush works to assist you in grooming your pet for a hygienic and shiny coat. In fact, it is apt for medium, long and curly haired dogs. Brushing gets rid of dead hair and debris, and sorts out matted hair. It also helps to spread the natural oils of the skin to nourish the fur. The well-designed dog brush has a grooved rubber handle which provides a good control over the brush. You must use the Rake Brush first to straighten the hair to make sure there’s no matting or knots. Also, you can use the de shedding Brush. Its patented design will get down even into the thickest fur of dogs or cats so it can be used even on a Husky. We deliver only the quality assured dog food at your door step.

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  • Imported dog grooming accessory.
  • High-quality.
  • Ergonomically designed.

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