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    Sobo Aquarium Air Pump SB-830ASobo Aquarium Air Pump SB-830A

    Sobo Aquarium Air Pump SB-830A (Pressure 0.015Mpa)

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    Sobo Aquarium Air Pump SB-830A gives a Long Lasting performance, Energy Saving design, With Low Noise And Big Output, Suction cups are also available to fit any aquarium. This air pump is possess advanced air compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffler which is extremely low in noise.

    • Suction Cups Available To Fit Any Aquarium.
    • Helps To Increase Oxygen Level and Improve Aquarium Water Quality.
    • Gives Long Lasing Performance With Low Noise And Big Output.
    • Suitable For Both Fresh and Sea Water.
    • Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 9 cm.
    • Specifications: Voltage : 220-240 V, Power: 5W, Output: 6L/Min, Pressure: 0.015 Mpa.

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