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JerHigh Chicken Cat Treat 35 g

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  • Boosts cats immune system.
  • Strengthens teeth and bones.
  • Prevents risk of bladder stone.
  • Nourishes cats skin and hair

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Jerhigh Chicken Cat Snack 35 g is a premium cat food that offers natural ingredients that promote the growth and health of the cats. In particular, this chicken cat snack 35 g is made with natural fresh chicken that is ideal for stomach. Also, jerhigh chicken is healthy and balanced in nutrition so that your cat gets premium food for their health. Likewise, this Food encourages digestion, helps manage weight, and keeps the fur and skin soft and glossy. Hence, the Jerhigh chicken cat snack 35 g is a nutritionally balanced and complete cat food. Jer High chicken cat snack 100% pure is made of chicken meat marinated with full delicious flavor comes in a tasty and highly digestible ready-to-feed meal. Its nutritional benefits together with irresistible aroma and taste make your cat healthy and happy every day.


  • Improves cat's eyesight
  • Boosts cat's immune system
  • Strengthens teeth and bones
  • Prevents risk of bladder stone
  • Nourishes cat's skin and hair
  • Decreases risk of high blood pressure kidney and heart disease in cats
  • Tourine is an essential amino acid for cat
  • Inulin helps healthy of the pets digestion system
  • Great Taste for Great Happiness