Dog Towel and Accessories

Microfiber dog towel and accessories are highly durable, absorbent, and fast drying. This super absorbent microfiber towel is long lasting and machine washable. The towel is very favorable to use as it quickly dry off water from your pet after bath time or when they come in from outside after heavy raining. These microfiber towels are designed with very versatile way; they can also be used as blankets and fits perfectly in any kennel or crate that helps to keep your pet warm and cosy. This towel is made of microfiber that is considered as super absorbent material. The best technology is used for manufacture this towel.

This microfiber towel allows water to be drawn from hair and skin of your puppy very quickly as compared to other towels. It gives a very gentle feel on your puppy’s hair and skin. It is designed to be lightweight and compact. This microfiber towel is ideal for daily use for your puppy.


This towel is not used only to wash but also to dry your dog. It also protects the coat of puppy from etching. This microfiber towel has very high water absorption rate which is 7 times more than ordinary towel. Pet Club India, the India’s largest online pet store offers wide range of dog products. We at Pet Club India never compromise from quality aspect. So we offer dog products only from the quality assured brands. Also our products match your specific requirement as per the age, size and breed of your dogs.

You can now buy all your required dog products like dog foods and dog toys with confidence and get delivered at your doorsteps. This super absorbent towel is made for small, medium, large and giant breed of puppies. This towel is mostly suitable for puppies.