JerHigh Chicken and Vegetable in Wet Dog Food 120 g

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    • Real Chicken and vegetable add to the adaptability of the food.
    • Supports excellent digestive health.
    • Sustains ideal weight in canines.
    • Protein of high biological value keeps good muscle mass.
    • Thoroughly hydrates your canine.
    • Keeps a strong immune system in dogs.


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Jerhigh Chicken And Vegetable in Gravy Dog Food 120 g is a premium quality wet dog food specially formulated with Real Chicken and Vegetable, promotes overall health and development in dogs of all breeds. Inulin is one of the important ingredients of the diet which feeds the healthy bacteria in the dog’s system to boost their overall digestive mechanism. Natural Fibre have also been added for maintaining optimal body weight in dogs. Moreover, the moisture content of 82% ensures that your dog is thoroughly hydrated all day long. The food contains a fair amount of protein for fortifying the nervous function in dogs. Crude fibre has been added for maintaining a healthy digestive tract and good bowel movement. Jerhigh Chicken And Vegetable in Gravy Dog Food keeps the hair healthy and boosts the overall sheen of the skin.


Chicken Meat, Modified Starch, Water, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Carrageenan, Sugar, Liver Flavour, Tapioca Starch, Wheat, Glute, Fiber, Inulin, Salt, Gum

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture max 82%, Crude Protein min 4%, Crude Fat 3%, Fiber 2%.