Pawise Mouse Hunt Cat Toy with Bell-Ball & Mouse

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  • this product ideal come from the natural instinct of cat, they love to hunt, They can have a mental and physical exercise with it.
  • It will have a lot of fun,put the mouse and ball inside. also ideal for multiple cat.
  • This toy will drive your cat crazy! you only need to open it and put the mouse and bell in, your cat will keep playing and have endless fun.
  • easy to carry, lightweigh, collapsible and portable, you can take it when your travel.
  • Easy clean Durable and Hand washable canvas material for easy clean.

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    Play Tom & Jerry game right now! Cats always have curiosity to play hide and seek game, they may even spend hours on seeking the hidden mouse inside. You can have more time to work on your own business when you are busy, or have fun to watch the little trick aside!

    Specifications: The size of puzzle:11.4x30.5x30.5cm Package weight: 125g Package includes: a collapsible puzzle, mouse toy, bell. Color: the puzzle is green, the color of mouse and bell is selected by random.

    Attentions: Pets should be supervised while playing to ensure safety. Toy should be taken away if damaged. This toy is not for children playing. Keep certain distance when you open the collapsible puzzle to avoid harm. Note: Please kindly know that the puzzle, mouse, bell are separated in the package. When you open the collapsible puzzle, you can put mouse or bell toy inside as you need.