Pawise Cat Litter Tray

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  • Great for Small & large cats and multi-cat households
  • Special and unique formula for sealing bad urine smell - keeps your cat toilet fresh every day
  • Quick and firm clumping - won't break if your cat steps on it and easy to scoop away
  • Strong and durable plastic
  • Size-49x38x20 cm / 19x15x7.8 inch
  • Color May Vary

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    Product Description

    Cat litter designed to help prevent the throwing of cat litter around the room when your cat decides to dig. Very easy to clean and highly durable.Easy installation, easy to remove cat litter, no need to disassemble when cleaning.

    Lets your cats sift through the cat litter to effectively block the splashing cat litter. In the bowl, you don't have to worry about the cat litter being easily taken out.

    the upper half of the fixed buckle design is more stable during the movement to ensure safety and is not easy to trip The long handle cat litter shovel has a hollow mesh cat litter leakage design the handle is comfortable and durable, and when cleaning