Pets Health and Supplements

We all love healthy pets and get really concerned when anything happens to our pets. Ridd Anti tick and flea solution, calcium supplement, Ventura Calci + Pro has been specially formulated as a source of calcium in young as well as geriatric pets. The unique composition of the supplement helps prevent rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia in pets. It also aids in faster recovery and healing of fractures and promotes healthy bones and good growth. A slight sneeze, a limp or even fever makes us run from pillar to post to bring relief to our pets.

We at Pet Club India understand the importance of good health for our pets. And also the need for being able to get the best of health supplements and health care to our pets. For the same reason, our health supplies and support dog category includes a broad range of medicines, health supplements. Health care products from the best of brands to provide support for a optimum growth, healthy teeth, stronger bones. And of course a strong immune system. We have taken care to ensure that your pets get the best of health care supplies and support. For this, we have collaborated with organizations that offer the best of products in the field of animal care.


You can safely keep them from causing more harm. Whatever is troubling your dog, make sure to consult your vet before browsing the large selection of dog health care supplies available on Pet Club India. You’ll find that we often carry the dog flea medicine, dog heartworm medicine, dog pain medicine or dog health care supply your vet prescribes. Pet Club India is an online pet shop that offers all the quality of important dog accessories products like dog flea control and medicine.