Basil Absorbent Bath Towel for Dog and Cat

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  • Specially made for dog and cat
  • Light weight and easy to care
  • Available in vary colors and size
  • Super absorbent and ultra fast drying
  • It is scientifically developed and manufactured out of special PVA material Color May  Vary

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        Basil Towel These innovative towels are made from a special PVA material helpful in drying your pet 5 times faster. It absorbs water from the coat of your pet after bath and dries them much faster than a regular cotton towel. These towels are loved by professionals for the comfort and convenience added while drying dogs and cats every time. The towel after every use needs to be rinsed and squeezed for draining out excess water and then has to be stored back in moist condition into the box that comes along. Remember, do not sun-dry the product to maintain and extend the life of product, else it will get dry and hard. If in case it happens, simply soak the towel in water for 5 minutes and then repeat the above mentioned storage technique to reinstate the product in normal form.