Basil Pet Grooming Care Combo Foam Shampoo + Pet Perfume Garden Fresh

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                      The most convenient way to clean the dog without using water is using a Basil moisturizing foam dog shampoo. This product is added with geranium and rosemary oil.

                      Geranium oil is naturally and also an depressant which thus becomes an ideal product for puppies that need to avoid washes for initial 3 months and also are suffering separation anxiety. The rosemary oil helps in bringing shine and strength to the hair thus nourishing the coat and giving it a rich texture.

                      You just have to pump out the desired foam quantity in your palm and rub all over your pet for cleaning. Brush them for about 2 to 3 minutes to get all the dirt out and then wipe off using a wet absorbent towel to take off all the dirt and residue taken out with the shampoo to get a clean fresh and soft coat.

                      These perfumes are specially formulated considering the sensitivity of dogs to strong perfumes and the irritation caused after that. Thus the have a mild fragrance pleasing to the owners and not really irritating the pets at all due to them. Unlike other perfumes these come with a difference as there have been special additives that make them stand out.

                      We have added an agent that helps in avoiding the skin infections caused by bacteria. Also we have added a conditioning agent that will make your pets coat really soft after spraying giving it an added shine and silkiness making you crave to constantly pet them.