M-Pets Nail Clipper for Dog

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  • It is suitable for small and medium breeds
  • The nail clipper has a firm grip
  • It also has sharp cutting edges
  • Nail cutter tools are all easy to use enabling you to achieve a professional finish when grooming your pooch
  • Available in two sizes 

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              Product Description

              Perfect to take care of your dog's paw easily, thanks to the built-in mechanism to limit cutting. The safety mechanism makes sure you can't cut off too much of the claw.

              This clipper features an ergonomic, gel grip handle that offers maximum comfort and control with its non-slip grip. It also offers heavy duty spring action, stainless steel cutting blades and a safety guard that helps prevent cutting nails too close.

              This type of dog clippers works like scissors and is preferable for large dogs, whose bigger, thicker nails need the extra force the construction of these clippers provide.