Goofy Tails Rubber Chew Dog Toy Combo of (Spike Ball and Trio Ring)

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  • Durable Rubber Chew Dog Toys.
  • Great Fun & Exercise of All Age Dogs.
  • Made of Non-Toxic & Best Quality Rubber.
  • Scented Chew Toys To Keep Your Pet Busy.

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              Goofy Tails Dog Spiked Rubber Dog Ball is made of tough rubber which is sure to give your dog many days of playing pleasure. This chew toys for pets is great for intensive chewers. Goofy  tails chew toys for dogs has soft peaked spikes, which helps to massage gums and teeth of your pet. Goofy Tails rubber ball is bouncy and sure to surprise your pet for active and happy playtime.


              Goofy Tails Dog Rubber Trio Dog Toy is made from durable nylon construction.


              Control-Flex technology is used in Goofy Tails dog chew toy. This prevents the toy from snapping back into your pet’s face, promoting a safe, controlled atmosphere. Also it can sometimes slip out of hand. Thus, flexible and super-strong grips are made by Goofy Tails durable rubber combination. Goofy Tails chew toy combo is one of the best options as a chew toy for dogs. Goofy Tails dog chew toys are made from thick solid rubber and with grip for extra strength. This awesome combo of dog chew toys from Goofy Tails keeps your pet busy.